Are you in need of establishing an LLC but find yourself unsure of the necessary steps?

The abundance of LLC service providers available in the market can make it quite perplexing to determine the most suitable option for your specific circumstances. These providers differ in terms of pricing, plan choices, services offered, customer support, customer ratings, and various other factors.


After conducting a thorough examination of more than twelve providers, we have identified the finest LLC services available. Below, we present the top ten companies that emerged from our analysis.


Determining the ideal service provider for starting an LLC is contingent upon your specific requirements. For new business owners, we highly recommend Rocket Lawyer as our top pick. Their membership offers continuous legal guidance and grants access to various business services that can greatly assist in the expansion of your enterprise.

  • ZenBusiness: Best for money-back guarantee.
  • LegalZoom: Best for business attorney guidance.
  • Incfile: Best for customer satisfaction.
  • Inc Authority: Best for a free LLC service with tax advice.
  • Northwest Registered Agent: Best for help with DIY filing.
  • Rocket Lawyer: Best LLC service.
  • Swyft Filings: Best for service add-ons.
  • Active Filings: Best if you’re on a budget.
  • Filenow: Best for fast LLC filing and business documents.
  • MyCorporation: Best for ongoing compliance.

For individuals seeking to establish an LLC without breaking the bank, there are five companies on this list that provide this service free of charge (excluding the state fee). Active Filings goes above and beyond by offering complimentary registered agent services for an entire year, while LegalZoom even includes a website for your business.


For a more extensive range of services, consider examining the mid- and high-tier options. Incfile’s prepackaged plans, in particular, provide excellent value to business owners as they encompass various tasks such as creating operating agreements, obtaining EINs, acquiring domain names, and establishing business bank accounts.


In addition, premium plans frequently include fast-tracked processing and continuous legal assistance. If the mid- and high-tier options do not align with your specific business requirements, both Swyft Filings and MyCorporation provide a range of supplementary services to address any additional needs. Alternatively, you can collaborate with Inc Authority to tailor a personalized plan.


To ensure that your LLC receives the necessary support not only during its initial year but also in the long run, it is crucial to determine its specific needs. By doing so, you can identify the most suitable LLC provider. Opting for a comprehensive package instead of purchasing individual services can often result in cost savings.


An LLC service refers to a service that assists entrepreneurs in establishing limited liability companies. These service providers gather the necessary information to complete the articles of organization, which are then submitted to the Secretary of State. Additionally, they handle the completion of forms, ensure proper delivery to the designated address, monitor the progress, and notify clients once the LLC has been successfully established.


Numerous providers of LLC services offer additional assistance to help LLCs establish themselves, including access to registered agents, guidance with legal documents and contracts, and assistance in obtaining EINs.


Curious about the mechanics of an LLC service? Essentially, an LLC service specializes in aiding individuals in the formation of new LLCs. The typical process involves the following steps:

Gather the necessary information about the LLC and its owners as mandated by the state.

Acquire the fees for filing services.
Submit the necessary paperwork to the Secretary of State. Await a notification confirming the successful establishment of the company, or receive a response indicating otherwise.
Notify the proprietor of the prosperous establishment and furnish them with the articles of organization, or any other official paperwork designated by the state for limited liability companies. In the event that the LLC was not successfully created, assistance can be provided in attempting to rectify the matter.
Aside from assisting with the establishment of LLCs, service providers frequently offer a range of packages that include various additional services.

The cost of services offered by different providers may differ, but generally, the basic plans fall within the $0 to $99 range, the mid-tier plans range from $100 to $249, and the high-tier plans range from $224 to $324. Active Filings stands out as a highly competitive option across all price ranges, making it the top choice for those looking for an affordable LLC service. However, it’s worth noting that most companies offer similar pricing and are relatively close in terms of cost.

When searching for the optimal bargain, it is crucial to assess the value you receive in exchange for the cost. While all of these packages encompass LLC filing, they differ in additional features. The most frequently offered extras include registered agent services, EINs, operating agreements, bank resolutions, business bank accounts, and tax consulting. Premium plans often include the perk of expedited filing to accelerate the processing time. Some providers even offer the convenience of customizable business contract templates, with Rocket Lawyer standing out as a notable expert in this particular area.

In the event that you choose an LLC filing plan that does not include a package of services, it is likely that the company will attempt to upsell them to you during the checkout process. However, if you do not require these additional services, simply click “no,” and they will not be added to your bill.

Ultimately, regardless of the service provider you opt for, it is important to note that you will be responsible for paying the filing fee specific to your state, an amount that will be clearly indicated to you throughout the quoting and checkout procedures.